Owners' Guide


Reservations: 800-568-3515, Mon.-Saturday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific 
Weeks Owned Call Us Call in Day
3 weeks or more owners 1 year + 340 days in advance Tuesday
2 week owners
1 year + 320 days in advance
1 week owners
1 year + 300 days in advance
Split Week 1 year + 200 days in advance Friday
Limit on consecutive reservations for holiday periods. Owners receiving confirmed reservations and using such reservations extending over “Prime or Holiday Periods,” shall be ineligible to request reservations for same Prime or Holiday Period for the next succeeding two (2) years. This rule shall apply separately to each share. Prime or Holiday Periods are any period of seven (7) consecutive nights or more which include one or more of the following holidays:
Christmas Memorial Day
New Year's Day Fourth of July
Martin Luther King Labor Day
Washington's Birthday Thanksgiving
Easter Sunday  
Owners receiving confirmed reservations for one (1) such Prime or Holiday Period shall be entitled to reserve over Prime or Holiday Periods, not including the same Holiday, to the extent permitted pursuant to these Rules.
If within two hundred (200) days of one of the Holidays, there are Holiday Periods for that Holiday remaining unreserved by owners not restricted by the above rules, owners otherwise restricted from reserving that Holiday may then reserve such Holiday Period for that year. This exception to the above rule shall not affect the length of the two years’ restriction otherwise applicable to the share allowed to reserve the Holiday Period because of this exception. Owners of shares otherwise restricted by the above rule may submit reservation requests for the Holiday Periods available under this exception commencing two hundred (200) days prior to the Holiday Period involved.

Split Week Reservation

You may split your week into two sections within your ownership season. You can make one reservation for Sunday - Wednesday and then a separate reservation running Wednesday - Sunday. 
Choosing to split a week does change when you can call to make the reservation. For split weeks you can call 1 year 200 days in advance.

Bonus Time

Bonus Time is in addition to the Ownership-Use Week. It may be used throughout the entire year, subject to availability. Owners must be current on their dues to utilize Bonus Time. Rental prices for Bonus Time shall be established from time to time by the Association, and all rentals shall be payable at check-in time at the beginning of the rental period.

To check availability and get current Bonus Time rates, please contact Grand Pacific Vacation Services at (888) 477-6967.

The following policies are part of the official rules established in the Governing Documents of OVI:

  • Those eligible to use Bonus Time are: Owner/Owners named on the Grant Deed and any dependent over 18 years old that is financially supported by an Owner.
  • Reservation request can be made 17 days in advance.
  • No more than two (2) nights may be requested at such time
  • Additional nights may be requested no more than 48 hours in advance of the first additional night for which a reservation is requested.
  • 2-day cancellation policy or pay for number of nights reserved.
  • Units are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. If there is no availability, owners can be added to a wait list and be notified if inventory becomes available.

The following are policies established by the Board of Directors and Management:

  • Only one (1) room of Bonus Time per Owner may be utilized, unless all Bonus Time requests have been filled.
  • An Owner may have one (1) Bonus Time room when they are here on an Exchange Week or on their Ownership-Use Week.
  • Bonus Time is available for friends in the slow season if all the requests have been filled.
  • Friends cannot have Bonus Time if an Owner is not in-house.
  • Corporations and Trusts can only have 1 room of Bonus Time unless all Bonus Time requests have been filled. Only three (3) people in total have usage capabilities.
  • Bonus Time will always be booked into a Kitzbuhel unit. Units are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Requests for Chamonix units will be granted to Chamonix owners first and all others afterwards. These will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • When requesting nights, whether on the front or back end of the requested time, the 2-days in advance rules apply. One or two additional nights may be requested.


Spontaneity is Bonus Time, but at a crazy low rate which motivates owners to say, “Why not?” This brings owners to the resort in perhaps a different season or at a different time then they might have come in the past. Spontaneity occurs during periods when bookings at OVI are slow which is usually for a short period in the Spring or Fall, it all depends on how full or empty the resort is. It is not preplanned. It is well, spontaneous. An email goes out to owners announcing the dates available and the pricing. Rooms are first come, first served (2-night booking. Additional night can be added if available).

Rental Program

If you don’t plan to use your week, Grand Pacific Vacation Services has several options to help you get the most out of your vacation ownership. They are experts at marketing units like yours to get them booked at the highest rate. As an owner benefit you can rent your week with them, or if for any reason they are not able to rent your week, you can opt to have your week automatically banked with your owner-only exchange, GPX, allowing you to vacation in hundreds of different destinations worldwide. Simply call (888) 477-6967
Grand Pacific Vacation Services - 1-888-477-6967
To participate your account must be paid up-to-date on all fees. If an Owner rents their week through Grand Pacific Resorts, they enter into a contract with GPR. This contract can be found at https://grandpacificresorts.com/ovi-or-enroll/. The basics of the rental program are as follows:
  • Rental requests can come in as early as 14 months and as late at 6 weeks (42 days)
  • GPR does not accept split weeks
  • Revenue Split is 65% to Owner/35% to GPR to cover administration (applies to gross rental proceeds).
  • Owners are eligible to opt in to a GPX banking if less than 3 nights have rented and within 14 – 30 days of check-in.  No rental income will be received by owner if they opt-in and receive banking
  • Owners are eligible to terminate agreement 30 days prior to check-in day with a $50 assessment fee
The rental pool is shared between Owners, the Association and other developers. Rental bookings rotate through these participants. The order is Association, Owner, and developer. Owner rentals are allocated on a first-in first-out basis. This means that the first contract entered is matched with the first rental booking for each night.
One housekeeping fee is included with the annual maintenance fee. If more than one rental stay is applied to a contract you will incur additional housekeeping fees. This will be charged against the revenue the owner receives from the rental. Currently the fee is $75. This is subject to change at any time.
Direct from Owner Rental (AirBnb, VRBO, etc)
If you are using AirBnb, VRBO, or any platform other than Extra Holidays, please follow these instructions to assure a smooth check-in for your guest.
Double check the dates for your reservation to ensure your guests arrive on the correct day. Once you know who will be using your unit, please call the resort with the names of the occupants. Anyone at the Front Desk can assist with this. Without these names we have to contact you before giving keys out and this slows down the check-in process.
Also, make sure the guest has your full name. Many times all they have is your first name, which can make it difficult to locate the correct reservation. Be aware that each guest will need to put the incidental deposit on the room unless the owner has done that for them. As an owner you are responsible for any damages to the room. And let your guests know that the resort does not accept pets.
If you are sending multiple guests throughout the week let each guest know that the check-out time is 11AM, and check-in time is 4PM. This will allow for time to clean the room between guests. The maintenance fee includes one full clean at time of check-out. Any additional cleans between guests will incur a $75 housekeeping fee. The fee will be charged to the occupant unless the Owner chooses to pay.

Maintenance Fee

The maintenance fee is billed in May of each year and is currently $1107.81 per week of ownership. Optional quarterly or monthly payment plans are available.

Sales Referral Program

Know someone interested in buying a week at OVI? Owners can take advantage of our Sales Referral Program where you receive $300 credited against your yearly fee for each week purchased by someone you refer. If you know someone interested in OVI you can start the referral process by contacting General Manager Peter Andreadakis at pandreadakis@gpresorts.com or by calling the front desk of OVI and asking to speak with Peter.

Stay Informed: Keep Your Contact Info Current

Please notify Grand Pacific Resorts (GPR) when any of your contact information changes. Your can call Grand Pacific Vacation Services at 888-477-6967, email us at OVIfrontdesk@gpresorts.com, or online by choosing the “Change Contact Info” link under the Owners drop-down menu at OlympicVillageInn.org. Make sure to update your address with the Placer County Assessors’ Office as well.
NOTE: GPR maintains the official contact information for OVI Owners and it is GPR that sends out emails to Owners and provides the mailing list for the newsletter and other mailings. To stay informed it is crucial you keep your email address, mailing address, and phone numbers up to date with GPR. While there is a place in your account profile for contact information on the Owner's website at olympicvillageinn.org, this is NOT tied to the official list at GPR. Changing an address in your profile will not change the official list. Please use one of the methods stated in the first paragraph to contact GPR. Thank you for understanding. 

RCI Points Program

In 2008, the Village Inn Owners Association Board of Directors amended our agreement with RCI (Resort Condominium International) to now include the Points Exchange program as a benefit available to OVI owners. RCI Points was first introduced in 1999 with just eight participating resorts. It has now grown to include almost 900 resorts, worldwide, and over 1,000,000 Points Members. RCI Points is the State of the Art exchange network for the Timeshare Industry of the 21st century. It offers much more flexibility and availability than the older, increasingly outdated Weeks exchange networks offered by RCI, Interval International and other exchange companies.
Here is how it works:
Each week at each resort has a Point value, similar to the Trading Power model used in Weeks exchange programs. Unlike Trading Power that limits your choices to exchanges that are of equal or lesser value than what you own, the currency model used in the Points exchange lets you combine values by saving, borrowing or transferring which enables you to Shop for your vacations and spend your value as you choose. As a Points member, you get to see everything that is available and you decide how you want to spend your Points. You can:
  • Vacation for more or less than a full week at the Olympic Village Inn, or at just under 900 RCI Points resorts worldwide (stay as little as one night)!
  • Gain exclusive access to resorts unavailable through the traditional RCI weeks exchange program. Combine all or some of your other RCI resorts for added Points value.
  • Have vacations in any unit size and any season.
  • Turn one ownership into multiple vacations.
  • Eliminate the ongoing search process and confirm a vacation instantly.
Participation in the RCI Points program is entirely optional for Olympic Village Inn owners. For owners who primarily use their time at the resort this may or may not be of interest, but for owners who exchange, this has proven to be a topic of major interest. 

Watch Out for Scams: "Timeshare Relief"

Scam Alert: Don’t Believe the Hype About Timeshare Relief 
‘Timeshare relief’ is an old scam that is evolving as con artists get craftier. They may sound promising, but are really just scams to ‘relieve’ you of your money. The best advice is to always keep your radar up. 
“Scams have become very sophisticated,” says Sam DePoy, VP of Federal and Regulatory Affairs for the American Resort Development Association (ARDA). 
The timeshare industry is fighting back to make sure owners are not taken advantage of. Both ARDA and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) take this matter seriously. ARDA and ARDA Resort Owners’ Coalition (ARDA-ROC) have united to stop the misconduct of those deceiving timeshare owners into to paying exit services through fraudulent means. They continue to pursue and support appropriate timeshare resale and transfer legislation in an effort to protect owners against timeshare schemes. For more information, visit www.vacationbetter.org and www.consumer.ftc.gov. 
We also have some quick tips for you here: 
Top 5 Red Flags 
1. BEWARE of paying money up front, especially large dollar amounts. 
2. AVOID companies that offer to list your week for a large fee. 
3. DON’T BELIEVE it when you hear the market is “hot,” buyers are lining up or you will get a BIG return. 
4. BEWARE of unsolicited contact by companies promising to sell your timeshare or eliminate your maintenance fees. 
5. STEER CLEAR of companies that promise legal help to deed back your week, or that state they can transfer your ownership to another party. 
For Legitimate Resales 
Grand Pacific Vacation Services is committed to YOU. We will walk you through the options available, simply call us at (877) 566-7519 or use our Live Chat. 
If you feel you have been unfairly taken advantage of or defrauded by a timeshare exit company, please contact your state Attorney General, local law enforcement or the ARDA-ROC Consumer Support Team at 1-855-939-1515.